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Model of tooth loss in adults
3 myths about tooth loss in adults
21/11/2019 In modern dentistry, tooth loss is a consequence we seek to avoid at all costs. Nowadays, we aim to treat oral tissues that are affected or...
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Dental Surgery at Groupe dentaire API
16/05/2019 At Groupe dentaire API, one of our priorities is to provide our patients with a full range of dental care services so that they can find...
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Bad breath can be managed with the proper care
Our Best Tips Against Bad Breath
18/12/2018 Even though bad breath does not pose a serious risk to your health, it can become very troublesome when recurring. Even worse, it’s not...
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There are many benefits to dental implants
Enjoy the Benefits of Dental Implants With Our Devoted Team
18/12/2018 Dental implants are definitely a solid choice to replace missing teeth. By combining them with different types of dental restorations, we...
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Choisir dentifrice
25/10/2017   A number of criteria should influence the choice of toothpaste used on a daily basis. These include the condition of the mouth, the...
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Salive rôles
10/10/2017 Did you know that saliva naturally protects your teeth and gums from bacteria in your mouth? Did you know that saliva is therefore an...
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