Orthodontie pour enfants
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Orthodontie pour enfants

Orthodontics for Children

Talk with your child about orthodontics as preventive measures

We offer orthodontic treatment to young patients to set all the conditions that assure they will have good teeth growing up. To do so, we recommend parents to talk with their child when their adult teeth are developing, around the age of seven. It is a transition period for the health of their smile!

Thanks to their orthodontics skills, Groupe dentaire API’s general practice dentist will know how to identity any problem affecting the development of your child’s teeth and jaws. If necessary, the dentist will recommend treatment that aims to correct the problem and prevent the ills associated with it.

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Orthodontics Exam: An Important Step

It is while your child’s adult teeth begin to replace his or her baby teeth that we recommend you get a first consultation in orthodontics. This allows us to set up, if necessary, a treatment plan that aims to fix the diagnosed problem. Treatments carried out for developing teeth are generally shorter, less complex, and less costly.

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Problems Addressed in Orthodontics for Children

The orthodontic treatments we offer children aim to correct many problems affecting the development of teeth and gums. It is important to understand that these treatments are carried out to prevent the progression of dental malalignment or dental malocclusion. These conditions must be prevented to prevent the potential damage they can cause.

Here is an overview of the conditions we treat in orthodontics for children:

  • Upper jaw that is too narrow
  • Overbite and underbite
  • Lack of space for teeth
  • Adult tooth that erupts at the wrong place
  • Impacted adult tooth, meaning the tooth does not erupt naturally
  • Dental malposition
  • Other malocclusion problems

In this section, you will find all the orthodontics for children-related advice sheets
that our team prepared.

Nonetheless, do not forget that only a dentist, a specialist in your oral health,
is able to make an accurate diagnosis, so book an appointment!

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