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Maintaining Optimal Oral Health Starts When They Are Young

We recommend parents to visit us with their child within the 6 months that follow the eruption of the first tooth. These visits are important to get your child accustomed quickly to the importance of dentist appointments. In addition, such appointments are preventive measures and make it possible to identify and treat oral pains, which are common for children as soon as possible.

Our team invites you to visit us with your little darlings! We know how to reassure your children. As parents, your involvement is as important before and during the visit as it is after.

Oral Healthcare for Children

It is important to have the oral health of your children regularly assessed even if all their teeth have yet to erupt. The dentist can thus evaluate the development of the child’s teeth and jaws to make sure everything is normal. The dentist can also offer sound advice to ensure optimal oral hygiene for your child.

Furthermore, unlike what some people may believe, a primary tooth affected by a cavity must definitely be repaired using fillings. Even if this tooth will inevitably fall out to make way for an adult tooth, leaving it untreated will have serious consequences on your child. Indeed, an untreated cavity may cause an infection that can hinder the development of the future adult tooth.

Your Role as a Parent

You must be actively involved in maintaining the health of your child’s smile! To accomplish this, make sure your child understands the importance of dentist visits and acquire good hygiene habits. By being mindful of these various elements, you will be giving your child a priceless gift that will last a lifetime.

the visit

Explain to your child clearly what the dentist will do and that there is no reason to be afraid.

the visit

Make sure you have a positive attitude. You can help the dentist and his or her team build a relationship of mutual trust with your child. Listen to your dentist’s instructions and advice.

the visit

Make sure your child cleans his or her teeth adequately on a regular basis and that his or her diet is healthy. If your child is young, supervision will be necessary while brushing and using dental floss.

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