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The Groupe dentaire API is the clinic to visit when you need emergency dental care in Laval. We know how bad it feels to suffer from dental pain that affects our well-being and daily routine. If you need care, don’t wait. Our dentists in Laval will see you as soon as possible to give you back your smile.

We welcome all patients seeking emergency dental care. Whether you are already a patient with us or are on your first visit, you will receive quality care with the dedication and respect that have made our reputation!



Our Commitment:
Same-day Appointment

We will see you the same day for emergency dental care. We can see you quickly thanks to a team of 7 dentists and dozens of dental professionals. Our dental clinic also has several modern treatment rooms, and our team always uses the latest technology to diagnose and treat you.


Three goals of the dental emergency appointment in Laval 

A dental emergency must be treated quickly to avoid complications and ease the discomfort and pain it may cause. Whatever your dental emergency, our team will be able to offer you the care you need. Visiting Groupe dentaire API means getting all dental care services under one roof, in a modern and welcoming clinic. When you come to us for an emergency appointment, no aspect of your oral health will be overlooked.

During any emergency appointment, we are committed to reaching the following 3 goals:


  1. Relieving pain and discomfort: We treat the tooth or teeth that require emergency dental care in order to alleviate the pain. We also offer postoperative advice to minimize discomfort and help recovery following the procedure.
  2. Proposing a personalized treatment plan: Following a complete assessment of your condition, the dentist will propose a treatment plan suited to your needs and budget. 
  3. Protecting the integrity of your smile: Quick treatment of your dental emergency helps avoid complications. Also, the sooner a tooth is treated, the greater the chance it will remain viable.


    Are you a patient of the Dental Group API?


    Most Common Dental Emergencies

    Whether as a result of a fall, a blow to the face or while playing sports, your mouth and teeth may suffer damage. In some cases, this causes lesions and pain in the mouth, which is a dental emergency that must be dealt with quickly.


    In the following, we provide you with useful information about the most common dental emergencies. Whatever the nature of your needs, our dentists and their team are committed to doing everything in their power to relieve your pain and restore your smile.

    Tooth fractures

    When a tooth breaks because of a blow to the face or because a dental treatment has weakened it, it is important to see your dentist quickly. The severity of a fracture depends on which parts of the tooth are affected. The dentist is the only one who can assess the fractured tooth and propose an appropriate treatment.


    While you’re waiting for your emergency appointment, here’s what to do:

    1. Pick up the tooth or piece of teeth quickly.
    2. Keep the tooth in a saline solution (sold in pharmacies) or in saliva or milk.
    3. Visit the dentist within hours of the tooth fracture to maximize the chances of treatment. Even if you don’t feel any pain, book an emergency appointment quickly.


    Three possible treatment scenarios following a tooth fracture:


    • The fracture only involves the enamel and dentine: The tooth should be repairable.
    • The pulp is affected by the fracture: The tooth may need to be devitalized with a root canal treatment and then restored.
    • The root is fractured: The tooth must be extracted and then replaced.

    Dental avulsions

    Dental avulsion occurs when the roots of a tooth are completely displaced from the bone and gums where they are normally firmly anchored. Such an emergency usually occurs as a result of a blow to the face.


    It is therefore necessary to react as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the periodontal ligament, which allows the tooth roots to attach to the rest of the periodontium. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that the periodontal ligament cells will die, which will interfere with the ability to replace the tooth. So here’s how to react:


    1. Pick up the tooth as quickly as possible, but always hold it by the crown. Avoid touching the roots at all costs.
    2. Rinse the tooth under tap water. It should not be scrubbed.
    3. If it is not too painful, place the tooth back in its socket and hold it in place with your tongue. Otherwise, it should be placed in a container that contains a saline solution, saliva, or milk.
    4. Contact your dentist in Laval for an emergency appointment. It is essential to react as quickly as possible.

    Dental abscesses

    Dental abscesses are infections that start under the gums or at the roots of a tooth. Most often, bacteria get into the tooth following a deep cavity or tooth fracture and can cause an abscess. This is an infection at an advanced stage that usually causes severe pain, facial swelling, and a build-up or discharge of pus in the mouth.


    A dental abscess is a dental emergency that must be assessed and treated by a dentist as soon as possible. An abscess usually causes considerable pain that can limit your daily activities. The infection must be stopped at all costs to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.


    Here’s what to do while waiting for your emergency appointment for a dental abscess:

    1. Take pain medication (acetaminophen or other pain relievers) for relief. However, anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided.
    2. Place a cold or ice compress, using a towel, on the sore side of your face to reduce swelling and pain.
    3. Rinse out your mouth with warm, salty water for antiseptic purposes.
    4. See the dentist quickly for an emergency appointment.

    Lost or broken fillings, braces or dentures

    Broken fillings, braces or dentures must be repaired quickly to avoid complications.


    • Filling: The filling must be repaired quickly to prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth.
    • Braces: To avoid interfering with the progress of the treatment and affecting the dental movements already acquired, the broken orthodontic appliance must be quickly repaired or replaced.
    • Dental prosthesis: A broken denture can be very uncomfortable and affect the appearance of your smile. Our dentists and denturist will see you promptly to repair your dentures.



    What should you do while waiting
    to see your dentist in Laval?

    • First of all, contact us to schedule your emergency appointment. The sooner you see your dentist, the sooner your problem will be solved, thus preventing complications.
    • Try to ease the pain with an analgesic. You can also apply ice to the painful area with a towel for 10 minutes every hour. Cold is effective in reducing pain.
    • Before you visit, our team will be able to offer you personalized advice to make the waiting period before your appointment easier.

    Our team in Laval is committed to providing quick and complete care for your dental emergency. There’s no reason to put up with discomfort and pain. Visit us to avoid complications with the help of qualified professionals who use the best technology in the field.


    For honest and respectful care of your dental condition, choose Groupe dentaire API.