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Our Dental Care Services for Children in Laval

Published 07/10/2019
Our team offers dental care services for children

The Groupe dentaire API team is composed of several dentists and dental care professionals. Over the years, our team has developed solid expertise in the treatment of many dental conditions, for patients of all ages. Our dentists are very happy to welcome young patients and offer them child-friendly dental care suited to their needs.


Learn more about the dental care services for children offered by our dentists in Laval!


Our dental care services for children: from prevention to treatment of oral diseases

As with all our patients at Groupe dentaire API, we always focus on prevention when we welcome children at our clinic.


The children’s primary dentition needs to receive special care, notably to prevent . Children’s teeth are composed of enamel that is more vulnerable to tooth decay, which is why it’s important to promote prevention with appropriate care. Also, general dentists at Groupe dentaire API are qualified to follow the development of the children’s jaws and teeth to ensure their oral health as they get older.


The following is an overview of the dental care services for children offered by the dentists at Groupe dentaire API:


Of course, we also offer all the services covered by the RAMQ for children under age 10. For more information about our services, ask our team.


A team attentive to young patients

The whole Groupe dentaire API team is committed to taking the same human, personalized approach with each patient, including the younger ones!


We are used to welcoming children into our clinic, and we adjust our dental care services according to the special needs and concerns they may have. If necessary, our hygienists and dentists can give you tips to This is especially important to help them keep a healthy smile and a healthy mouth as they grow up.


Regular checkups for your children

It is important to make your first visit to the dentist with your child within six months of the first tooth’s appearance or before his first birthday. Afterwards, it is essential to take your child to the dentist every 6 to 12 months so that he can benefit from the regular checkups of his oral health and development. Moreover, despite what some people might think, it is crucial to treat cavities and issues affecting primary teeth, even if they are destined to fall and be replaced by permanent teeth. Our dentists will be able to diagnose any issue at the right time to provide the dental care your child needs.


To make an appointment for your children or for more information about a specific service, our team is here for you!


Approved by Dr. Cédrik Truchon

Dr. Cédrik Truchon, general dentist in Repentigny; periodontics, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry fan

A graduate in dental medicine from Université de Montréal, Dr. Truchon is particularly interested in periodontics, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry. His goal is to change the life of his patients through his practice and the care he offers them. To do so, he puts his meticulousness at their service and is passionate about using the latest technologies in the field of dentistry. The appearance of your smile, your well-being and your quality of life are always at the heart of his practice.
Dr. Cédrik Truchon

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