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Oral Health and Summer

Published 01/08/2019
Summertime can be bad to your oral health

Summer is without a doubt a treat-filled time! Summer vacation, camping, frozen desserts, hours spent basking in the sun… Amidst all the fun, we can’t forget to take care of our oral health. To that extent, the Groupe dentaire API team offers you a few important tips in this article to protect the health of your teeth and mouth over the summer!


Beware of sweets

Ice cream, popsicles, soft drinks and fruity cocktails… We are evidently attracted to these types of drinks and foods during summer. However, it is important to avoid sipping them all day long, which would considerably increase the exposure of teeth to the sugars loved by bacteria causing cavities.


Instead, choose to consume these foods as desserts, after your meals. There is then enough saliva in the mouth to counteract acids produced by bacteria. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating or drinking these sweets, whether as desserts or snacks…


Protect your lips from the sun

We tend to forget it, but our lips are like skin and they can suffer from sunburn. Indeed, the Canadian Cancer Society mentions sun exposure as a risk factor for oral cancer. Prolonged exposure of the lips to the sun can cause cancer, with the lips as starting points. It is therefore of great importance to protect your lips with a balm containing a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.


You remember to protect your skin from the sun with a good sunscreen, so don’t forget to do the same for your lips with a suitable product!


Keep well hydrated

Whether during a sports activity or simply because you’re spending a whole day under the sun, don’t forget to stay hydrated. Proper hydration helps to maintain good oral health as well as prevents heat stroke caused by a prolonged exposure to the sun. Thirst can cause dry mouth, which is an enemy of your oral health. Indeed, saliva has a natural antibacterial effect. It protects your teeth against bacteria causing cavities and other problems.


Remember to always stay hydrated because you will then prevent dry mouth and help your oral health.


Consult your dentist before you go on vacation

When it comes to their children, parents tend to schedule a routine visit to the dentist before school starts in the fall. However, whether for you or for your children, it is always recommended to schedule a routine visit before going on vacation. The dentist can then ensure your mouth is free from problems or symptoms, and you can leave with a restful mind. It is better to be on the safe side and avoid dealing with an oral health issue giving you trouble while you’re away from home.


The Groupe dentaire API team wishes you a great summer and a nice vacation. If you wish to get customized tips, we are always there for you!


Approved by Dr. Sébastien Trudel

Dr. Sébastien Trudel, general dentist in Laval, fan of endodontics

Dr. Trudel is one of the owners of Groupe dentaire API and has been practicing there since he obtained his dental degree. He offers services in endodontics, a discipline in which he is very interested and in which he participates in several training programs.
Dr. Sébastien Trudel

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