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3 myths about tooth loss in adults

Published 21/11/2019
Model of tooth loss in adults

In modern dentistry, tooth loss is a consequence we seek to avoid at all costs. Nowadays, we aim to treat oral tissues that are affected or damaged in order to keep all the natural teeth intact as long as possible, ideally forever.


In the following, the Groupe dentaire API team presents 3 myths about this topic in order to knock down persistent false beliefs.


“Tooth loss is a normal consequence of aging”

Far are the days where the solution to dental and oral diseases was to extract the teeth and replace them with dental protheses (dentures). Now, we have the knowledge to treat the diseases that can affect all oral tissues. We know much more about the pathologies that can lead to tooth loss, and we know how to prevent and manage them quickly.
That is why it is wrong to believe tooth loss is a normal consequence of aging. If you maintain good oral hygiene, visit your dentist regularly for routine examinations, and prevent accidents that could affect your teeth, there are no reasons why you would lose them…


“There are no consequences to tooth loss other than aesthetics”

Again, this statement is false. Tooth loss can affect both the aesthetic appearance of the smile and the chewing ability, as well as speech. Moreover, the space left by the missing tooth or teeth can cause neighbouring teeth to shift. The opposing tooth (on the opposite jaw) may break apart from the jawbone in the long term.


Lastly, the absence of dental roots in certain areas within the jawbone can lead to a gradual resorption of the bone. This has an impact on facial appearance because the jaw seems to “melt” over time.


“There is no need to replace missing teeth”

You guessed it… For the reasons mentioned above, it is necessary to replace missing teeth quickly after their extraction or loss due to an accident or dental problem. The faster we act, the greater the chances of avoiding complications associated with tooth loss in adults.



Solutions to tooth loss in adults

If you lost one or more teeth, the first step is to visit your dentist. At Groupe dentaire API, we offer many solutions for teeth replacements: dental implants, crowns, bridges, and several types of fixed or removable dental prostheses, thanks to our denturology services.


You can rely on our team in Laval or Mascouche to find solutions for missing teeth replacements in adults.

Approved by Dre. Evelin Ingrid Radu

Dr. Evelin Ingrid Radu, general dentist in Laval, fan of general and family dentistry

Dr. Radu has been practicing at Groupe dentaire API for over 10 years. She uses her gentle and human approach to help each of her patients have a pleasant experience at the clinic. She can serve her patients in 6 different languages.
Dre. Evelin Ingrid Radu

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