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Dental Surgery at Groupe dentaire API

Published 16/05/2019

At Groupe dentaire API, one of our priorities is to provide our patients with a full range of dental care services so that they can find all the services they need at our clinics in Laval and Mascouche. Along with many other services, we offer dental surgery, which is sometimes necessary to help maintain the integrity of our patients’ smile.


A modern facility for dental surgery

Dental surgery means it is necessary for the dentist to perform an incision in or remove some oral tissues, for example in cases of dental extractions. Of course, it also means our professionals need to perform surgical procedures that require great precision and planning.


At Groupe dentaire API, our general dentists and the many professionals that are part of our team have completed many hours of training in dental surgery. We combine these qualifications with cutting-edge technology in a modern environment. We use technology such as the i-CAT 3D Imaging System, which allows us to carefully examine a patient’s jaws and bone structure, and positioning of the teeth. This technology is particularly useful when planning surgery for the fitting of dental implants. This is only one example of the technology used daily by our team.


Dental surgery offered by our general dentists

We are happy to be able to provide our patients with different types of dental surgery. Regardless of the procedure performed, our team ensures that all conditions are in place to achieve success. Among other things, this means selecting the dentist in our team most qualified to perform this specific type of procedure and offering sound advice to the patient in preparation for surgery.


Following is an overview of the dental procedures we offer:

  • Dental extractions: When the tooth’s viability is seriously compromised, it needs to be extracted curatively. For wisdom teeth, we often recommend their extraction preventively to avoid related complications;
  • Installing dental implants: We have a surgical room specially dedicated to the fitting of dental implants;
  • Gum grafts: It is a relatively simple procedure to restore gum thickness and height, for example in cases of gingival recession.
  • Bone grafting: This procedure sometimes needs to be performed before dental implants can be installed because there needs to be enough bone volume in the jaw for the implants to be securely attached;
  • Gum surgery: Gums can sometimes give the smile an unsightly appearance when they are too high or uneven. In those cases, we can perform gum contouring surgery to improve the look of the smile.

      A dental team that will put your mind at ease

      We realize that dental surgery procedures can be scary for patients. At Groupe dentaire API, we are committed to helping our patients prepare for their procedure by offering them valuable advice. This helps ensure the success of our procedures. Our procedures are always followed by postoperative advice to limit symptoms and help recovery after the surgery.


      If your condition requires dental surgery, you can trust the general dentists at Groupe dentaire API!


      Approved by Dr. Jacques Léonard

      Dr. Jacques Léonard, general dentist in Laval, fan of orthodontics

      Dr. Léonard obtained his dental degree from Université Laval. He practices dentistry and offers orthodontic services at our Laval clinic. As a general dentist, he completes several training courses to offer his patients care that meets their needs.
      Dr. Jacques Léonard

Please note that our dental clinic is located in Laval, Mascouche and Repentigny, Canada. If you need dental treatment, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.