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Sinus Lift

Offering Enough Support for Future Implants on the Upper Jaw

When it is necessary, Groupe dentaire API’s general practice dentists can carry out a sinus lift. It is a procedure that precedes the installation of implants. Its purpose is to restore bone mass in the upper jaw to provide a sturdy base in which to anchor one or many future dental implants.

At our dental clinics in Laval and Mascouche, this procedure is always carried out by a caring general practice dentist who is surrounded by a healthcare team that uses the best technology on the market. We perform surgeries that have a high success rate.

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Why Does the Sinus Have Some Influence in Implantology?

Bone in the upper jaw of patients who have lost most of their teeth or all their teeth on their upper jaw tends to resorb through the years. This allows the maxillary sinus, which is located right above the jaw, to expand where there was once bone. Sometimes, there is nothing more than a thin layer of bone to separate the sinus from the mouth.

In these cases, it is suitable to carry out a sinus lift to prepare the patient’s jaw to connect one or several dental implants. This procedure makes it possible to clear the sinus to carry out then a bone graft to add volume to the jaw. When the area has healed and the bone graft has been integrated, the patient can get his implants!

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Sinus Lift Procedure

A sinus lift will increase considerably the odds that a dental implant can adhere properly to the jaw. It allows people that could have not otherwise consider implants to enjoy their numerous benefits.

The sinus lift is generally carried out under local anesthesia.

  • A small incision is made at the root of the premolars or the upper molars;
  • The dentist cuts a small opening in the bone of the jaw;
  • Tissue inside the sinus can then be gently lifted to clear space;
  • This space is filled with a bone graft. The graft may come from the patient, a bank of donors or be made of synthetic material;
  • The graft may be covered with a synthetic membrane to protect it. The area is then sealed.

In this section, you will find all the tooth sinus lift-related
tip sheets that our team prepared.

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