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Gum graft

An essential procedure to treat gum recession

Factors such as gum diseases or bad brushing habits may cause gum recession, a condition in which the gums recede to the level of the tooth’s root. It is thus exposed and more vulnerable to hypersensitivity or to tooth decay.

The purpose of a gum graft is to thicken and raise the gum so that it may cover the tooth’s exposed root while keeping it from receding further. The aim of this minor surgical procedure is to protect your oral health from potential problems.

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What are the signs of gum recession?

Unfortunately, gum recession is caused by many factors and may progress rapidly. It is, therefore, not always easy for a patient to identify this problem quickly.

Nonetheless, if you see the following symptoms of gum recession, you should consult your dentist:

  • Increased sensitivity to cold, heat as well as sugary foods.
  • Tooth appearing longer because of an exposed root, which negatively affects the aesthetics of a smile.
  • Affected teeth may become loose

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Gum Graft Procedure

A gum graft is a simple procedure done under local anesthesia. It is generally painless for the patient.

  • The area into which gum tissue will be grafted is scaled to eliminate all bacteria.
  • The graft is taken from the patient’s palate. The size of the graft varies according to the area to be treated.
  • The gum tissue is grafted into the treated area and stitched in place to keep it from moving while the area is healing. The stitches allow the graft to adhere to the gum to which it is stitched.

In this section, you will find all the gum graft-related advice sheets
that our team prepared.

Nonetheless, do not forget that only a dentist, a specialist in your oral health,
is able to make an accurate diagnosis, so book an appointment!

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