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Dental Bridges

Replacing One or Many of Your Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

Besides the visual mess caused by one or many teeth are missing, functional problems are also likely to appear. That is why it is of utmost importance to replace these teeth.

Groupe dentaire API’s dentists are fully qualified to design and install high quality dental bridges. Bridges are restorations that use nearby teeth for support. While covering an unattractive gap, the dental bridge allows teeth to recover fully their use.

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Traditional fixed bridges are made of two parts: the central portion where the replacement tooth or teeth are located, the pontic, and the two abutments that are on each side of the gap the bridge must fill. Crowns will be fused to teeth serving as abutments, which will anchor the bridge firmly in place.

A traditional bridge presents many advantages for patients:

  • An aesthetically pleasing look that blends with natural teeth
  • Because it is cemented, the bridge is firmly held in place
  • Comfortable for patients
  • When well maintained, a bridge can last many years

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Dental Bridge Procedure

There are many steps in the designing and installing of a traditional bridge.

  • The nearby healthy teeth that will serve as abutments are filed down to create enough space for the bridge;
  • Using imprints, the dentist makes the bridge, that is, the replacement teeth as well as the crowns that will be attached to the teeth that were filed down earlier;
  • While the permanent bridge is being made, your dentist will install a temporary bridge to protect the exposed teeth and gums;
  • Finally, your dentist installs the permanent bridge and cements it firmly to the teeth that serve as abutments using the two crowns.

It is paramount to know that patients who do not have healthy nearby teeth can resort to dental implants, which can be used as solid abutments for a future bridge.

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that our team prepared.

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