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Staying current with new techniques and technology

When visiting Groupe dentaire API for your dental needs, whatever they may be, you can be sure you will get the treatment you need. To do this, we support our practice with several modern dental technologies. Here is the technology our dentists and their team use.


We offer you the latest in technological progress so that you may take advantage of optimal quality care.



This intraoral scanner allows is to get high-resolution images of the mouth and teeth in real colour. These images are easily and quickly obtained, which reduces the time the patient must spend in the dentist’s chair. Thanks to this technology, we are able to make an optical imprint when it is necessary for treatment rather than making a traditional imprint with a rubbery material. This is advantageous for patients who tend to get nausea when traditional imprints are being made.


This scanner allows us to obtain high-resolution 3D images of the patient’s jaws and teeth. These images allow us to analyze with accuracy the bone structure of the jaws as well as the position and orientation of the teeth. This technology also allows us to make precise measurements to perfectly plan the position of future dental implants in the patient’s jaws. We can thus choose the best treatment options for our patients in regard to the type of implant, its size as well as its location and positioning in the jaw. The i-Cat scanner improves the success rate of treatments and allows us to offer our patients implants that are functionally and aesthetically perfect



The diode laser is used by our general practice dentists and our hygienists for various treatments, but especially for periodontal diseases. These diseases affect the tissues such as gums and tooth roots that support our teeth. The diode laser sends ultra-fast energy pulsations that allow the treatment of soft tissue in the mouth. This technique is very accurate while being a lot less invasive than traditionally used techniques in dentistry. The laser helps tissue heal faster after a surgical procedure while reducing pain and postoperative sensitivity. In periodontics, the diode laser is used to eliminate bacteria that cause the gums to swell. This technology is, however, used for other treatments such as the treating of dental abscesses or the installation of implants. For patients, the diode laser means less time in the dentist’s chair and less pain!


We have recently acquired an operating microscope that allows us to perform extremely precise surgical procedures. This technology is used for endodontic procedures (root canal treatment) and allows our dentist to carry them out more effectively, which increases the treatment’s success rate. We also use it for treating cavities because it helps us make better-fitting fillings that are more durable. Thanks to the operating microscope, patients can enjoy more accurate and less painful procedures.



ZOOM whitening is carried out directly at the clinic under a dentist’s supervision. The dentist uses a substance containing a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than treatments patients do at home. This technique is performed with an LED light that is placed on the patient’s teeth to activate the previously applied substance. With a few 15-minute applications, the patient gets a sparkling smile. This technique is advantageous because it is effective: the patient gets the final result in one appointment. In addition, teeth keep their shine for a few years when some touch-ups are made.

CEREC: ceramic dental restorations in a single appointment

With CEREC technology, Groupe dentaire API dentists are able to design, fabricate and install several types of ceramic dental restorations: crowns, inlays and dental veneers. This technology combines the use of a digital scanner for taking impressions, a computerized program for the 3D design of the restoration, and a robotic machining chamber for its fabrication. In a single appointment of one to two hours, we carry out the entire process, from the initial evaluation of your needs to the installation of the restoration and final adjustments. You will leave with your ceramic restoration and a beautiful smile!

CEREC: ceramic dental restorations in a single appointment
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Our technologies allow our team to offer
patients very high-quality care.

Seeking our services is being certain that you will get accurate treatments offered by professionals who take to heart the success of their treatments, and their patients’ satisfaction. Our technology can help you put one the most beautiful smiles. If you want to get treatments in a modern and state-of-the-art environment, choose Groupe dentaire API!

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Please note that our dental clinic is located in Laval, Mascouche and Repentigny, Canada. If you need dental treatment, do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.