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CEREC Dental Restorations

High quality ceramic dental restorations designed, fabricated and installed in one appointment


This is now possible with the use of CEREC technology! Groupe dentaire API is proud to offer our patients this advanced technology, which greatly simplifies the design of dental restorations. In one visit, we can design dental crowns and inlays to restore and protect damaged or weakened teeth. With CEREC, it is also possible to design and fabricate dental veneers to enhance the appearance of the smile by correcting cosmetic flaws.

If it suits your dental needs, our dentists in Laval, Mascouche and Repentigny will be happy to offer you the benefits of CEREC technology to obtain your crown or restoration.

The design process with CEREC

The traditional method of designing dental crowns required two visits to the clinic and the placement of a temporary restoration. With CEREC, this process is much simpler and is completed in one appointment:

  • During a thorough dental examination, the dentist assesses the patient’s needs;
  • The tooth to be restored is prepared, i.e. the damaged part of the tooth is removed;
  • Impressions are taken using a digital scanner, and this is done in a few minutes by scanning the tooth and its neighbors;
  • Using the digital impressions, a 3D model of the restoration is created using a computer program;
  • The 3D model is sent to the CEREC robotic milling room, where the restoration is fabricated from a high-quality ceramic block within a few minutes;
  • The restoration is installed on the tooth and cemented in place. Final adjustments are made to ensure that the restoration matches the rest of the teeth and is comfortable in the mouth.

What are the benefits of CEREC technology?

For our patients, CEREC technology is very advantageous. Here’s why:

  • Digital impressions: impressions of the teeth are taken with a specially designed digital scanner. This is much more comfortable than the traditional method of taking impressions with a mold and paste.
  • One visit to the clinic: All steps of the restorative treatment are completed in one appointment lasting 1 to 2 hours.
  • No temporary restoration: Since only one visit is required, it is no longer necessary to install a temporary crown. Temporary crowns were often less aesthetic and less comfortable.
  • Precise, high-quality restoration: The ceramic used in CEREC treatments is of high quality and matches the natural dentition. In addition, the digital impressions are extremely accurate and allow for the design of a stable and solid restoration.

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