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Sealants :

Dental sealants are a preventative dental treatment, aiming to prevent tooth decay. Sealants are applied to the surface of permanent molars and sometimes permanent premolars, to avoid bacterial infiltration of the pits and fissures (depressions and grooves of the teeth). Sealants are a safe method to reduce cavities and help maintain a healthy smile for years.

Sealants are effective in preventing plaque build-up in difficult areas to reach with a toothbrush. Fissures are often more narrow than toothbrush bristles and therefore brushing cannot clean the teeth’s surfaces sufficiently.

The procedure is simple. The treated tooth is cleaned thoroughly then phosphoric acid is applied and rinsed. Once the tooth’s surface is dry, the sealant may be applied.

AT API Dental Group we recommend sealants as an effective way to prevent cavities, especially in children. This procedure is economical since it is only at a fraction of the cost of regular dental fillings.

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