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Root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment Laval :

At Groupe dentaire API in Laval, we offer root canal treatments, which are usually considered a last resort when teeth are have been seriously damaged. Root canal treatments are considered standard procedures in dentistry. They are crucial to treating a wide array of dental issues.

At Groupe dentaire API, root canal treatments are offered by our skilled dentists. More complex root canal treatments requiring extra skills, are done under microscope by Dr. Sebastien Trudel.

When do you need a root canal treatment?

Our teeth are naturally divided into three layers. The first layeris called enamel and is the visible white part of our teeth. The second layer beneath the enamel is called dentin. Dentin is considered the main part of teeth. The last and internal layer of our teeth is called the dental pulp. During a root canal treatment, the dentist cleans the space where the dental pulp is.

A deep carious lesion or a trauma are both considered a common way of bacterial entrance towards the internal layer of teeth. Without treatment bacteria can make its way to the dental pulp and cause an infection. When the dental pulp is infected or when an inflammation does not resolve by itself, your dentist needs to proceed with a root canal treatment.

Why is a root canal treatment necessary?

During a root canal treatment, to fight infection and associated complications, your dentist needs to clean the infected dental pulp. The pulp is the living part of teeth and is necessary for its growth. Once the tooth has finished its growth, we can safely remove the pulp without compromising the tooth.

When the dental pulp is infected, it is important to do a root canal treatment for the tooth to heal. Without this treatment many complications are possible. A cavity affecting the pulp can spread to the root of the tooth and cause an abscess. An abscess is an infection that may cause severe pain and damage other tissues and organs in your body.

It is to save your tooth and avoid severe complications that your dentist recommends a root canal treatment.

Pain relief for patients :

A root canal treatment might scare many. This fear is linked to a misconception. This procedure is no longer synonymous with pain! Thanks to modern techniques your dentist uses root canal treatments that are now pain free!
Root canal treatment fights infection and at the same time provides pain relief.

How can my dentist tell that I need a root canal treatment?

Your dentist will make his diagnosis according to all your signs and symptoms.

In order to be able to measure the tooth damage caused by a cavity or a trauma, your dentist needs to examine you and take x-rays. This will allow the dentist to determine whether the infection has reached the bone and the tooth’s root. Your dentist will then be able to evaluate whether a root canal treatment will allow you to keep your tooth and whether the tooth can be properly restored after treatment.

What does the dentist do during this treatment?

Root canal treatments are done under local anesthetic to avoid any patient discomfort. The procedure involves the following steps :

  • To isolate the tooth undergoing treatment, from saliva and the bacteria contained in saliva, a dental dam is placed ;
  • The dentist creates a small opening in the tooth that will allow him/her to access the root canal(s) where the dental pulp is ;
  • The root canal(s) are widened and thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any traces of infection ;
  • The root canal is then filled with a rubbery-like filling material called gutta-percha ;
  • To avoid any contact with bacteria, the access to the canal(s) made by the dentist is then filled by a dental filling.
  • Pour éviter que le canal soit en contact avec des bactéries, l’espace est finalement rempli à l’aide d’une obturation.

Once the tooth no longer contains any dental pulp, we say that the tooth is devitalized. It is important to understand that a devitalized tooth is more fragile than a healthy tooth. Your dentist might recommend making a custom-made crown that will protect your tooth from further damage.

Root canal treatment: How to avoid the worst

The ultimate goal of root canal treatments are to avoid you losing your tooth! Our natural teeth are very precious. You dentist will do everything they can to help save a tooth.

Losing a tooth whether it be subsequent to an accident or a tooth extraction, is considered real trauma for your oral health. The space left open can cause many problems, such as teeth misalignment, premature wearing of remaining teeth; as well as gum health issues caused by tooth displacement.

These are the many reasons why your dentist will recommend a root canal for you. They want to prevent you from losing a toothand the impact it can have on your overall oral health!

At Groupe dentaire API, our dentists offer root canal treatments to allow you to keep your own teeth for as long as possible!