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Orthodontic treatments Laval:

At Groupe dentaire API in Laval, our dentists are qualified and offer patients high quality orthodontic treatments to modify teeth alignment. Come and meet our team, whether it be to correct a functional issue or to improve your smile

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Why receive orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments treat dental malocclusions. Many different scenarios are possible; for example when top teeth fit poorly with the lower teeth or when the top teeth are too far forward compared to the bottom teeth.

Other common occlusal issues are when there is too much space in-between teeth or on the contrary, there is teeth crowding when the jaw or/and the dental arch is too small. Teeth can be poorly positionedcompared to their natural rotation axis, usually referred to as « crooked teeth ».

The majority of occlusal issues are due to a lack of space in the patient’s mouth. The lack of space creates undesired teeth displacement. All the above mentioned problems are reasons why you should consider an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatments prevent further problems caused by malocclusion.

Malocclusion consequences

The most obvious consequence to a malocclusion is a patient unhappy about their smile. Nonetheless, poorly aligned teeth can cause other problems such as:

  • Functional issues : severe malocclusion can greatly prevent a person from being able to eat and chew certain foods. Speech can also be impaired;
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders : Poorly aligned teeth can put increased and uneven pressure on the temporomandibular joints (joints that connect the jawbone to the skull). This leads to joint damage; as well as pain.
  • Oral health issues: Poorly aligned teeth are much more difficult to clean versus perfectly aligned teeth. Plaque and food debris accumulation are more difficult to eliminate and therefore increase the risk of various oral issues such as cavities and gum disease.

For all the reasons stated above, malocclusion much be addressed via orthodontics! For more details concerning situations requiring orthodontics, please consult the article about this on our blog.

The Damon System

At Groupe dentaire API, we have chosen to use Damontechnology for our orthodontic treatments. This proven system provides excellent results for straightening teeth as well as being practically pain free. It is designed to move teeth gently and quickly!

How does the Damon system work?

The Damon system uses self-ligating braces. Regular braces require wire ties or elastics to hold the arch wire in place. Damon braces uses a door system that holds the wire in place. The wire no longer held in place with wire or elastics, can move more freely.

The Damon system is conceived to considerably reduce friction on the patient’s teeth. The force exerted on teeth is reduced and more even.

The many advantages

The way the Damon system works offers many advantages, many of which the patient directly benefitsfrom:

  • Since there is less friction, discomfort is greatly reduced. Patients with Damon braces are no longer amongst the 85% of patients experiencing pain during their orthodontic treatment ;
  • The Damon systemis designed so that less adjustments are necessary during treatment. As a result fewer appointments for the patient are needed ;
  • Thanks to this more efficient technology, treatment time can shortened by roughly 6 months when compared to regular braces ;
  • It is also rare that patients need any teeth extracted or to wear a different orthodontic appliance before starting treatment with the Damon system ;
  • Since Damon technology does not require the use of metal ligatures, the accumulation of food debris and plaque is considerably reduced. As a result, the risk of developing gingivitis is also reduced.

The DamonSystem:For patients of all ages

The Damon system works well on patients of all ages, children, adolescents as well as adults. Even though orthodontic treatment is more common in children and adolescents; adults may also benefit from its numerous advantages!

If you have identified yourself as having one of the above mentioned occlusal issues, do not hesitate to book an orthodontic consultation with a dentist at the Groupe dentaire API! They will be able to explain to you the many advantages of receiving orthodontic treatment for your smile from both a cosmetic and functional standpoint.

To receive the right kind of orthodontic treatment for you, contact our team now! Your smile and oral health will thank you.