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Fillings for a primary tooth

Fillings for a primary tooth (milk tooth)

A problem that may affect the well-being of your child lies in broken or infected primary teeth. In addition to harming their health and self-esteem, it can lead to great pain. Primary teeth are part of the child's set of teeth until they are roughly 12 years old. Although these teeth will inevitably fall out, a filling is necessary to limit the damage of cavities. Untreated tooth decay can lead to infection and contribute to a loss of space between the primary teeth, thus reducing the space for the eruption of a permanent tooth. The filling makes it possible to halt the progress of decay and restore the missing tooth structure.

The filling is then an easy and economical way to counter possible problems for the child. If nothing is done, the decay will spread and a tooth extraction may be the only solution.

In this case, a space maintainer should be considered to enable the future permanent teeth eruption. It is essential that the space be preserved, as the other teeth could migrate there and reduce the space provided for the eruption of the permanent tooth.