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Early Childhood cavities

Early Childhood cavities

Any child may suffer from tooth decay (early childhood cavities), due to the amount of sugar that is found in his or her diet: breast milk, baby food, cow’s milk and fruit juices.

Infant children can get cavities because they either

  • Go to sleep with a bottle of milk, formula or juice in their mouth or
  • Fall asleep while mother breastfeeds, while the infant’s mouth is still full of milk

As soon as your child has teeth, it is possible that he may develop a cavity. It is advisable for parents to examine their child's teeth every month. By gently lifting the child’s lip, the parent can see if there is a presence of brown or yellow spots or thick white lines ("chalky spots"). If this is the case, please immediately consult your dentist at API Dental Group.

If nothing is done, the child may experience pain and develop an infection.

Please note that if you are used to giving a bottle of milk, formula or juice to your child before they fall asleep, putting an end to this habit may be difficult.

To correct this effectively:

  • Only put water in the bottle
  • If the child rejects the bottle, offer him/ her a clean pacifier or dummy, a teddy bear or blanket
  • If the child cries, persist in continuing to develop this new habit
  • Calm down your child and try again

If these recommendations fail then gradually dilute the milk bottle with water until the content is only water.

And finally, while you are breastfeeding your child, try to keep him/her from falling asleep while nursing.