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Protective Dental Appliances

Your smile is precious: protect it!

Your teeth are tough but they are not unbreakable! They must indeed be sometimes protected from injuries that can be harmful to the health of your smile. Whether you are exposed to such injuries because of the activities you engage in, habits or special conditions, our team can help you protect your priceless smile.

Our dentists have all the qualification to design various types of protective appliances tailored to your habits and lifestyle. Groupe dentaire API’s priority is to help you preserve the integrity of your smile for a lifetime!

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When Should I Wear a Protective Appliance?

Your dentist may be compelled recommend wearing protective appliances for two main reasons.

  • Bruxism: Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of teeth during sleep. Many different things can cause bruxism, but it is usually linked to anxiety. If you suffer from this condition, your dentist will recommend you wear an appliance while you sleep to prevent wear caused by bruxism.
  • Certain sports: If you play a sport in which there is a high risk of shocks, falls or contact with other players, wearing protective appliances would be well-advised. Hockey, football, and combat sports are examples in which protective appliances are necessary.

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Occlusal Splint and Mouth Guard

These two protective appliances are tailored by your dentist to adequately protect your oral health.

  • Occlusal splint: This appliance is meant to absorb pressure caused by bruxism and release tension in the jaw. The occlusal splint protects teeth and joints from wear and tear. It is generally worn at night.
  • Mouth guard: This appliance is customized based on the patient’s teeth imprints. It must be worn while playing sports to protect all teeth. It reduces the risks of dental fractures, jaw fractures as well as concussions.


API Advice
In this section, you will find all the protective appliance-related advice sheets
that our team prepared.

Nonetheless, do not forget that only a dentist, a specialist in your oral health,
is able to make an accurate diagnosis, so book an appointment!

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