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Bruxism :

Bruxism is the unconscious and unintentional grinding of teeth or jaw clenching. This habit usually occurs while sleeping, though may also occur during the day.

The jaw tenses up, creating an unusual contact between teeth of variable intensity. 80% of all documented cases are of Sleep Bruxism, where the person is unaware of their teeth grinding and or jaw clenching. This is often a psychosomatic response to stress.

Bruxism is less common during waking hours since the jaw’s position is determined by the conscious brain. The jaw is therefore in a more relaxed position, naturally limiting pressure between teeth.

Many factors may cause bruxism. If caused by missing teeth, your dentist may assist you and resolve the issue. Bruxism may also be caused by poor teeth contact that we call occlusion. By realigning teeth and creating a normal occlusal position, teeth grinding and or clenching will disappear. Stress and hyperactivity are also underlying causes


People who grind their teeth usually do so during their sleep for up to 6 to 8 consecutive minutes. There are many consequences possible, at varing degrees:

  • Teeth sensitivity to cold and acid food or beverages
  • Jaw pain and related problems
  • Enamel wear
  • Dentine wear (layer of the tooth underneath the enamel)
  • Dental nerve damage or exposure
  • Break or crack teeth
  • A change in facial esthetics when teeth are worn down

Several treatments exist. Often a removal custom-made night guards are recommended to protect teeth and the temporomandibular joint (jaw).

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